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Form follows function

The design principle of the Bauhaus

Gmund Bauhaus - Form follows function

The stylistic and social orientation of the Bauhaus underwent various changes over the years, but the concepts of minimalism, simplification and appropriateness for the intended purpose have remained. The design of each object should always focus on its essence, i.e. its (technical) function. The material itself and the mechanized production of the object provided the additional specifications.

The Bauhaus rejected decorations, artistic frills and historical ornaments, which were regarded as outdated. An expanded conception of function which would include ideological or historical aspects likewise does not occur at the Bauhaus. Hannes Meyer, who became the Bauhaus’ director in 1928, said: "Coziness and prestige are not inherent leitmotifs of housing construction," but are created by humans. Instead, the aim would be "simple, light furnishings for mobile, modern people."


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