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Gmund Awards for 2018 – The Winners Have Been Chosen

The winners of Gmund Award 2018.

08. November 2018

Gmund. The Gmund Awards for 2018 were conferred in a festive ceremony at Gmund Paper Mill on November 8, 2018. In front of an audience of 350 guests, each winner came on stage to receive the award from Gmund Paper’s owner Florian Kohler, who was joined by moderator Simone Faust from Bayern 3 radio to entertainingly emcee the evening’s program.

The winners were chosen in six categories. The jury has been expanded to include a total of ten jurors and includes both external and internal experts in the industry. The jurors nominated 140 submissions from a field of 320 projects; five of these items ultimately made the cut into the finale and were presented onstage. The excitement increased still further as the audience eagerly awaited each juror’s announcement of the winner in a particular category and his or her words of praise for the winning submission. 

Winner in the “Packaging” Category

With its gold foil adornment and relief embossing, the bag-in-box package for a 1.5-liter-bottle of rosé wine convinced the jury to confer the prize in the “Packaging” category on Casimir Kast Verpackung und Display. The package not only supports the product, but also enhances its value and serves as persuasive selling point. The package was produced in a large volume for the Scandinavian market.

Winner in the “Private” Category 

The jurors were impressed by the surprising “wow factor” of manually bound notebooks from the DRUKKERIJ DIRIX firm in Belgium. Two versions of Gmund Urban paper are brilliant here in a high-quality package that also contains a pencil, a bookmark and a card. 

Winner in the “Corporate” Category       

The unconventional haptics and perfect overall production of the stiff brochure for Schotten und Hansen convinced the jury. The combination of ultraviolet offset printing and natural paper was particularly eye-catching. From the initial idea through the printing to the finished product, this brochure earned accolades for its two submitters, Druckerei Vogl and Studio Digital Storytelling / Antonia Uhlig.

Winner in the “Mailing” Category 

Atelier für Siebdruck – Lorenz Boegli created an invitation card which impressed the jurors with its perfect overall composition. Silkscreened Gmund Colors 59 appears extraordinarily vivid and vibrant here. This invitation card long remains in its recipient’s memory, also thanks to the optimal choice of paper. 

Winner in the “Business” Category 

The jurors selected this business stationery because it exemplifies the theme of sustainability. The papers bear silent witness to the high esteem in which the company holds its clientele. Competent craftsmanship and appealing naturalness rather than superficial shrillness earned the award for agenturengel.

Winner in the “Art” Category 

Studio Schumacher convinced the jurors with its unique idea and ingenious realization. The studio’s paper sculptures are not only gorgeous to look at, but also serve as functional vases. It is even possible to leaf through the individual pages, which are held from within. 

Special Prize – Winner in the “Cross-Medial” Category

A special prize was created to honor this unconventional submission. Under the motto “print goes digital,” Tipografia Altedo portrayed the history of the city of Bologna via an interactive card. This successful concept enables people to freshly experience ordinary, everyday things. Users with smartphones can rediscover Bologna in an innovative way. The extraordinary idea earned a special award for its inventor.

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About the paper factory Gmund

Gmund Paper has been synonymous with paper culture and the ecological fabrication of unique communications media from natural paper since 1829.

The cellulose used in all of Gmund’s papers is FSC® certified.

Custom-tailored solutions for sustainable brand identities are created at the development and production site in the town of Gmund on the shores of Lake Tegernsee. Circa 75% of the papers are exported. A family-owned business, Gmund Paper is directed by fourth-generation papermaker Florian Kohler.


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