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The Gmund Paper Collection

The genesis of the Gmund Bauhaus Dessau paper collection 

The Bauhaus building in Dessau is not only distinguished by its extraordinary asymmetrical, cubic, architectural composition. The colors and design of its various surfaces are also quite complex.

In addition to numerous variations using the three primary colors of yellow, red and blue in the interiors, the interplay among white, gray and black tones and structures predominates. 

In particular, the overall architectural impression made by the variations of white and black was explored in a joint workshop under the direction of Dr. Claudia Perren (director of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation) and Florian Kohler (owner of Gmund Paper) and defined as the basis for a very specific Bauhaus paper.

The papers that now comprise the Gmund Bauhaus Dessau collection captivate with a monochrome color scheme and a neutral surface. In this way, they reflect the Dessau Bauhaus building itself and are ideal for use with variously colored printer’s inks to create polychrome designs.

Torsten Blume, research assistant at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation


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