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Keep it simple!

The Bauhaus and geometry

Gmund Bauhaus - Keep it simple

The Bauhaus without triangle, square and circle? Inconceivable! Combined with one another, all other forms can be derived from them. The Bauhaus protagonists assumed that this geometrical approach would probably also be advantageous for industrial production, so the three basic forms became the modular guiding system for their creative work.

The masters, above all Vassily Kandinsky, did not only consider the mere shapes of the geometric symbols, but also attributed colors and properties to them.

Triangle: life, vigorous, white, bright, yellow
Square: tranquil, dead, black, dark, red
Circle: regularity, infinite, calm, eternal, blue

Like the forms, the colors in the Bauhaus were likewise kept clear and minimalistic. The design was dominated by the "non-colors" of white, gray and black, sparingly accentuated with the primary colors of yellow, red and blue.


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