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"The Pilot Fish"

New edition of the children’s book by Bauhaus graduate Lou Scheper-Berkenkamp

Gmund Bauhaus - The Pilot Fish

The book about the adventurous journey of Jan, Jon and their pilot fish will be reprinted for the first time on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus. The author, Lou Scheper-Berkenkamp, is one of the few Bauhaus students to have completed her curriculum as a painter. Narrative style and design combine in her book to produce a synthesis of literature and visual art. Even now, seventy years after its first publication, influences from Cubism and abstract painting continue to make this children’s book a unique and special discovery in the Bauhaus cosmos.

Die Geschichten von Jan und Jon und von ihrem Lotsenfisch
Lou Scheper-Berkenkamp
ISBN 978-3-86497-494-6
Hardcover, 21,0, x 29,5 cm, 24 pages
€ 18,00 (D)


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